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Un blog muy bueno, sobretodo para los amantes de PHP, lo malo para mi es que esta ingles :-)

PHP tutorials and learning tips
  1. In this tutorial you will learn how to debug your PHP scripts without a debugger. Error reporting, variable and function debugging, and logging.

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  2. In this tutorial I show you how to perform PHP password encryption. You will learn how to use password_hash() and password_verify(), with step-by-step examples.

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  3. This is the definitive PHP JSON tutorial. Learn how to encode and decode JSON objects, set the JSON content-type, JSON validation and more. Examples included.

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  4. A complete PHP class you can download right away (examples included). Login with MySQL and Sessions, account registration, password security and more.

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  5. What are the 5 worst PHP programming habits that I've seen during my work? And what is the easiest way to break them for good? Let's find out...

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